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Welcome to Mutley’s Makeovers, a dog grooming salon based in Bromborough, Wirral.

We subscribe to the highest standards in the care and grooming of your dog.  We understand that your dog is a valuable member of your family and we invite them into a friendly, stress free environment.

We understand grooming can be an unfamiliar experience for your dog and we aim to provide reassurance to your pet that he/she is in safe hands.  We do not keep dogs in crates while they are waiting.

Every dog that comes in for a full Mutley’s Makeover receives:

  • A very warm welcome on arrival
  • A quick health check
  • A brush out to remove knots and dead hair (severely knotted coats may need to be shaved)
  • A warm bath with shampoo and conditioner selected by us to best suit the needs of the coat (or if you have a vet prescribed shampoo feel free to bring it along for us to use)
  • A personal fluff dry by hand (please note we DO NOT use cage dryers or drying cabinets)
  • An ear clean and pluck as needed
  • A nail trim as needed
  • A style, trim or clip down to your request (if you are not sure, we can suggest a popular and fitting style for your dog)

We welcome nervous, difficult, aged, ill and disabled dogs but please be aware additional charges may apply for special conditions where unusual time or effort is required


Call us now on 0151 3431414 for more information.


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